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We are often asked, “What is the difference between our Extractohol-O 190 Proof Food Grade Natural Food Grade Sugar Cane Alcohol and the Extractohol 200 Proof Food Grade Grain Alcohol?”.

Our first time customers want to know which one they should choose when they’re trying to play their first order.

This is probably the number one question people have when they call us.

First of all, there is a difference in price. The Extractohol-O 190 Natural Food Grade Sugar Cane Alcohol is more expensive because it is grown with the strict restrictions of the National Organic Program Certificate of Compliance (NOP) for Organic herbs which makes it more expensive to grow.

When you are comparing the difference between 190 Proof Alcohol and 200 Proof Alcohol, it would seem that the 200 Proof would be more expensive because it has a higher proof, right? But the organic process makes the alcohol more expensive to purchase because of the care, the restrictions and labor involved.

It’s the same reason when you go to the grocery store and purchase organic vegetables or fruit. Organic produce is more expensive.

For some people, they would want to buy the less expensive apple because they are on a budget or just don’t really care if it is organic or not. It’s just an apple. For others they believe it is the healthier choice.

The next question is, “why choose the 190 Natural Food Grade Sugar Cane Alcohol instead of the 200 Proof Food Grade Grain Alcohol, if the Extractohol 200 Proof is cheaper?”.

We recommend the 190 Proof Extractohol-0 to our customers that are trying to create completely organic products, for themselves, their loved ones or customers.

This decision could be a matter of health concerns only wanting organic products, or for marketing an all organic product. It might just be their personal convictions for using organic products.

There are those with a compromised immune system, who might want to only use organic products. The strict regulations on organic farming, is a healthier choice for someone who has a serious health condition.

Some of our customers making Full Extraction Cannabis Oil, (sometimes known as Rick Simpson Oil) , prefer to use organic alcohol.

For others making this oil or tincture, using our high proof Food Grade Extractohol 200 is their favorite choice for extraction purposes.

Many people like to buy organic products. This could be a deciding factor for someone wanting to provide an organic alternative for their potential customers, using our High Proof Alcohol. Offering an Organic Product is a great selling point, too!

For others, they might choose our Natural Alcohol as a result of their personal research and/or convictions, purchasing organic products when possible.

For our customers looking for a High Proof Alcohol that would produce a superior result for their intended product, the best choice is our Extractohol 200 Proof Food Grade Grain Alcohol.

All of the moisture is distilled out from the 200 proof Alcohol so it is stronger for the extraction process.

The 190 proof Natural Food Grade Sugar Cane Alcohol retains 5% of the moisture, so the drying process is longer.

Availability of high proof alcohol is sometimes difficult to find and purchase. Many people have used Everclear for making their extractions, oils and tinctures. Everclear is the highest proof alcohol that many people are able to purchase at their neighborhood liquor store. It is not organic, and not as high proof of alcohol as Extractohol.

So, when people ask us what’s the difference and how to choose between 200 Proof Grain Alcohol and 190 Natural Food Grade Sugar Cane Alcohol, it boils down to what is most important to you.

The strongest and most effective food grade alcohol for extraction would be the 200 Proof Alcohol.

The Extractohol-0 Natural Food Grade Sugar Cane Alcohol is their best choice. It is high proof alcohol.

The Extractohol Food Grade 200 Proof Grain Alcohol is less expensive than the Extractohol-O Natural Food Grade 190 Proof Alcohol.

So either choice of our food grade alcohol can be used for making tinctures, extractions, perfumes, culinary purposes, sanitizers and many other uses, as well.

The choice is yours to make.