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Medicinal Mushrooms

Medicinal Mushrooms

Many different types of mushrooms have been used throughout history to help treat and prevent various types of sicknesses and disease. Cordyceps Militaris and Red Reishi are two of these used in traditional Eastern Medicine as far back as 3500 years ago, along with many other types of mushrooms.

Some of the shared medicinal attributes are antioxidant, immune system support, glucose regulating effects, nerve pain, brain function and support, anti-inflammatory, gut and much more.

It is my belief that we have all become too complacent with our own health and too dependent on Pharmaceuticals to fix everything. In my opinion, mushrooms and other plants offer most of what we need to help maintain a better balance.

Extractohol is without doubt the cornerstone behind all our mushroom extracts. I initially started with Everclear like many others. It worked but tasted horrible. Imagine mushroom flavored vodka. GROSS!

Once I found Extractohol and tasted the difference, I was blown away with the completely different end product.

Many others commented that our products tasted better than others.

We currently use a Soxhlet Apparatus for our extractions. However, Extractohol would also work great with the mason jar, soak and shake method for the small scale hobbyist.

 Even the customer service is excellent and human! Customer for life.

Eric Fisher
Agape Mycology

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