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Extractohol offers 190-Proof Natural Food Grade Sugar Cane Alcohol (known as Extractohol-o). It is cane alcohol, which means it’s based on sugarcane rather than corn. Environmentalists hail its use over corn-based alcohol because it’s more environmentally friendly. An acre of sugarcane-based ethyl alcohol produces double the amount of ethanol than an acre of the corn-based version. So that means you don’t need to use as much land to produce the ethyl alcohol.

This is a non-GMO alcohol extractor, which means that it doesn’t contain genetically modified organisms. So what does this mean?

It can be argued that by definition, GMOs are unnatural. They’re genetically modified. Its proponents argue that the modifications are beneficial. They can make agriculture much more efficient, and the resulting crops can be tougher and more resistant to frost and to diseases. They can even be made to be tastier.

On the other hand, they’re clearly unnatural. This means that they’re not the food that humans have evolved to consume. So the fear is clear—there’s simply no way to find out what the long term effects of genetically modified foods are for the human race. People have developed though thousands of years to subsist on certain plants and animals. These new genetically modified food items aren’t exactly what people have learned to feed on.

The Extractohol-o is not modified. It’s complete natural. In fact, it’s not just non-GMO. It’s a certified natural alcohol. This improves the benefits to the health and to the environment considerably.

Because it is Natural, it means that the alcohol was produced without the use of any products that contain pesticides or fertilizers. The problem with these chemicals is well-known. They may help the plants thrive and resist parasites and diseases. But the chemicals may end up in the food, and the chemicals an also pose a risk to your health.

Also, some types of alcohol production may be accelerated for greater profits. But these methods result in heavy metals and salts that can remain in the final result. Certified organic alcohol doesn’t use these methods, so these contaminants don’t remain in the finished alcohol.

Finally, Natural alcohol means that it doesn’t use any production methods that can result in pollutants. Some types of production methods result in residues that cause harm to the environment. They pollute the soil, the water, or the air. Extractohol-O avoids such methods so that the impact on the environment is minimized.

If you’re thinking about commercializing your product, then the use of the natural alcohol certainly brings a lot of benefits. You can tout your use of it to demonstrate your concern for the environment, which is a concern among a growing number of consumers. You can call yourself a green brand. We use natural alcohol to produce our products

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You can also emphasize that the alcohol you used in your preparation is safer for human consumption. It doesn’t have any pesticide or fertilizer remnants that can pose a risk to your health and to the health of your consumers.